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At Peaceful Moments, LLC, our mission is to assist school districts and businesses in creating an environment of understanding. An environment in which people are allowed and encouraged to effectively process their grief over losses; thereby returning to their full potential/highest productivity level sooner.

Unwanted Changes Book



Copy of book jacket/cover:

Back of cover reads:

Barb and Dan had a great life. Married nearly 17 years, they had four healthy and wonderful children: two girls and two boys. They owned a successful small business together and had just built a beautiful new home. Then, one day, everything changed forever. Dan was suddenly killed in a work accident.

Unwanted Changes takes you along on part of Barb's journey. It reveals the raw emotion of indescribable pain and shares with you valuable wisdom and hope that Barb has gained along the way through many tears.

Money cannot buy the lessons Barb learned from this experience.

Book cover front inside flap reads:

I've always heard "change is good".  I agree; some changes are good.  However, the changes my children and I had to endure were anything but good.  They were unwanted, traumatic, stressful and life altering changes.

If someone would have told me eight years ago that I could survive the death of my husband, I would not have believed them.

We all grieve.  We all have losses:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce
  • End of a relationship
  • Job loss
  • Death of a pet
  • Loss of a home/moving
  • Loss of a dream
  • Health issues

How we deal with these losses is what determines our future happiness.  I believe we need to allow ourselves to be sad for a while.  Then, after the sadness, we can choose to feel better.  It's not easy.  It takes time AND hard work.  However, it can be done.  This book will help you on your journey.

Book cover back inside flap reads:
Barbara Kirchner is a grief consultant and the owner of Peaceful Moments, LLC.; She was the co-founder and president of Accurate Electric, Inc. for eleven years. Barb lives with her family in Minnesota.  Unwanted Changes is her first book.

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